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Ulster Folk Museum
Very nice museum, where you can walk throught the old city, step into the old houses, touch and try everything and you actually feel the atmosphere of the old times. All the houses were 'collected' all over Ireland and either physically moved, or the exact copy was built in the museum.
Wexford County
Ferrycarrig, Johnstown castle, Tintern abbey, Duncanon fort, Hooks lighthouse, Loftus Hall, Wexford & Irish countryside ... all these places I seen during the fantastic weekend with Amy & Gareth on the south of Ireland.
On the way to South we stopped in Dublin for couple of hours, enough to walk through the city center, find few geocaches and take some pictures. Nice atmoshpere in the city just reminded me last year when I came to visit Maria and Kubo here :-)
Murals in Belfast
There are over 2000 murals in NI reminding the Troubles from the late 1960's till the Agreement on Good Friday (April 10th,1998). Today we saw around 50 of them, which is just fraction of those hidden in residential parts of Belfast. The murals are well kept and regularly repainted ... just to keep the memory alive?
North Coast
Giants Causeway, Carrick-a-rede and Dunluce castle. Wonderful trip with my sister Ivanka, we had amazing weather and we really enjoyed this trip to north.
Bangor is lovely city, with marina, beach, promenade and lot of small shops pubs and restuarants. There is a path from Bangor along the coast up to the Holywood. It's a long walk but really really really nice.
Portrush is beautiful quiet city with two long beaches - east and west. I walked along the east beach to see the White rocks on it's end. The scenery of this city impressed me so much that I wish to return here one day.
The Walled city, city of Bloody Sunday. Derry welcomes me with gray sky and a rain in the air - the atmosphere reflecting the history of the city. Nevertheless the city center is really nice, surrounded by the unbreakable walls.
Carrickfergus lies just few miles north from Whiteabbey. The dominant of the city is undoubtedly Carrickfergus castle, which is one of the best-preserved castles in Ireland. I also like the walk on the pier in marina.
Larne is more or less industrial city - it has a huge harbor, but otherwise there is not so much to see. I discovered one very nice church, and a ruins of Olderfleet castle. Of course the nature around is beautiful as everywhere in NI.
Panoramatic pictures from NI.
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