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A conference in Minneapolis brought me and Sonja to America at the beginning of September. Minneapolis and St. Paul are twin cities, very close to each other, so we visited both of them. At the same time we were there, Minnesota state fair happen to take place, so we have seen loooots of agricultural devices, cows, sheep, horses, chickens ... We've seen a rodeo show as well, which was awesome! We listened to the prayer for veterans, followed my the national anthem with 7000 Americans :)

Kayaking at some of the 10000 Minnesotas lakes was one of those must-do attractions, which we successfully completed.

We've been refused to serve a drink when we didn't have our passports with us (Driving licence was not sufficient!). It seems that we still look under 21! We compensated this unfairness by having some great cocktails in Hard Rock Cafe the other day ;)

Minneapolis St. Paul Minnesota State Fair
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